You need to see Kendall Jenner sporting a caramel latte curly bob


She's giving us 1950s Marilyn Monroe vibes

It may not be Thursday yet, folks but Kendall Jenner just gave us a transformative throwback to trump all throwbacks. And what I mean by that is she's provided a glimpse of two(!!) different hairstyles that make her look pretty unrecognisable. Enter: the iconic 50s bouffant bob and a modern shoulder-skimming lob.

Celebrity hairstylist Syd Hayes took to Instagram to share a clip of the throwback looks, which was created for a 2019 campaign with fashion brand Reserved. So, if you've ever wondered what Kendall would look like with not one but two very different bob cuts, look no further. Peep a look at the styles Kenny kind of created herself (read: she put on wigs) below:

Kendall also re-shared a glimpse at the look on her Instagram, where she wrote: "a throwback to one of my favourite moments".

Post-wig cap application, the first of the two looks applied is a caramel latte brown-coloured bob, styled into 50s curls. It's certainly giving Marilyn Monroe vibes.

Next up and the one of choice is a blunt cut black lob that sits perfectly at shoulder-length. The flicked-in ends give the modern, middle-parted look a 90s feel to it. And although not her typical look, it's very much Kendall's vibe – if she were to cut a good few inches off of her natural locks, that is.

Now, seeing as this was one of her fave moments, perhaps she'll go for the big bob chop following bestie Hailey Bieber... one can only hope, right?!