Terrifying ad for flat above mortuary says tenants must 'clean up' after dead bodies

Daily Mirror01/25/2023

The unusual rental listing boasts a master-bedroom and high ceilings but the lucky tenant is also expected to work shifts in the mortuary downstairs for just over £10 an hour

Hillier Funeral Service in London
The lucky tenant would have to clean up after the dead bodies

When you are checking out a house or a flat to rent there are lots of things to look out for, from bedroom size to natural light and kitchen space. The last thing you'd expect to be included in the deal, however, is a job as a cleaner and administrator for the mortuary downstairs where you are expected to 'clean up' after dead bodies.

That's exactly what some house hunters stumbled across, as they've taken to social media to share their shock at a Rightmove listing in Swindon, Wiltshire, which comes with the pretty unusual 'caretaker' job. The apartment, which boasts high-ceilings and a master-bedroom, is above Hillier Funeral Service in Swindon and will set back the lucky tenant £600 in rent per month, but you will be able to make some of your money back through a £10.10 per hour job downstairs.

Rightmove listing page
The hours are on a 'week-on week-off' basis

The work appears to involve showing doctors to the deceased, 'conducting mourners' on chapel visits and 'wiping down the mortuary and fridges'.

That is not all, however, as you will also be expected to carry out administrative duties like answering phones, vacuuming the carpets and mowing the lawn.

Hours are on a 'week on week off basis' with two and a half hours every evening Monday to Friday, as well as working Saturdays.

Other normal caretaking tasks apply - with the new employee expected to empty bins, clear leaves from the car park and polish metal.

Interior of the flat
The flat boasts high ceilings and a master-bedroom

After seeing the listing, many people on social media have shown their shock with many saying how bad a deal it is. However, others were more keen with one claiming that you might get to work with ghosts.

One person wrote on Reddit: "Wow, I'm sure this might be a good deal for someone with a very specific lifestyle but working six days a week with only two weeks off a year, to have what amounts to £200 left over per month [after paying the rent]…. That is an insanely bad deal.

"Even if it's only a couple of hours a day. I would definitely expect to be rent free or at least extremely cheap.

"Edit: also you got to deal with ghosts so it's even worse."

A second replied: "Did you not read the 'clean the mortuary' bit? I'll take the ghosts over that."

A third social media user said: "You have to pay to live at work… above a mortuary…"

Hillier Funeral Service were approached for comment.