If You Don't Have The Time Or Money For An Entire Home Renovation, Here Are 17 Products That'll Give Your Place A Quick Zhuzh


You'll probably be wondering why you didn't try these sooner.

1. A grout pen because no amount of scrubbing will make it sparkle again and you also don't feel like ripping it out. One swipe of the paint marker will make your floor, backsplash, or shower grout look brand-spankin' new.


Get it from Amazon Canada for $14.99+. Available in three colours.

2. A sheer curtain that'll give you some privacy while still letting a bunch of light into your space. The material has a subtle texture that'll add some softness to wheverever you hang it, whether it's over a window or as a partition between rooms.


It's also made of recycled materials.

Get it from Simons for $35.

3. A roll of marble contact paper that'll spruce up your worse-for-wear countertops. It's waterproof, meaning it'll be a breeze to clean after you cook and you can even use the leftovers to jazz up old furniture or appliances.


Get a roll from Amazon Canada for $13.99+. Available in four sizes.

4. A round porcelain vase that you can use to display a dried floral arrangement. The unique shape makes it look more like a work of art that'll instantly elevate your coffee table or bookshelf.

the round vases on a table

You can get a variety pack of dried pampas grass if you don't already have anything you want to display.

Get it from Amazon Canada for $24.99+. Available in two colours, three sizes, and in combo sets.

5. A floral shower curtain that'll help you bring some fresh colour into your bathroom without having to pick up a paint brush. It has enforced buttonholes at the top, meaning it won't rip and tear every time you open and close it.

the shower curtain hanging in a bathroom
Urban Outfitters

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $39. An extra 50% will be automatically taken off at checkout.

6. And a cheeky bath mat that'll add some ~spice~ to your boring washroom floors. The shaggy texture will feel oh-so-good on your tootsies and will absorbing moisture, keeping you from slipping and sliding when you step out of the bath.

the bath mat on a tile floor
Urban Outfitters

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $64. An extra 50% will be automatically taken off at checkout.

7. A pair of art prints so you can finally put something on that blank wall you have no idea what to do with. Hang 'em together for a bold look, or separate them in your place to create a cohesive design story throughout your home.

the pair of prints framed and hanging over a chair

Get a pair from Simons for $70.

8. A pack of peel-and-stick subway tiles that'll be a quick and cost-effective alternative to putting up a new backsplash. You'll be able to install them in minutes and remove them just as fast, meaning they're great for renters.

the tiles used as a backsplash in a kitchen

Get a pack of ten sheets from Amazon Canada for $54.99+ (originally $64.99). Available in 12 colours/designs. Clip the coupon for an extra $10 off.

9. A full-length leaning mirror that'll surely become your new OOTD photo spot (and you won't even have to bust out the power tools to hang it up). It'll help small spaces look a little bigger and the arched shape gives it a trendy modern look.

the leaning mirror against a wall in a bedroom

Get it from Umbra for $185. Available in two colours.

10. An industrial pipe shelf that'll give your books, photos, and decorative bits and bobs a home. It has six shelves and mounts right to the wall, so you won't have to worry about it tipping over onto any adventurous pets or kiddos.

the shelf with stuff on it attached to a wall

Get it from Amazon Canada for $149.99. Clip the coupon for $10 off.

11. A tension curtain rod that'll come to the rescue in your overly bright apartment. It's a cinch to install (no drilling required), so you can finally have some refuge from the sun blaring in through your floor-to-ceiling windows while you're watching TV.

the tension rod up with curtains on it in an apartment

It can also be used as a pop-up room divider.

Get it from Umbra for $65. Available in two colours.

12. A pack of heart-shaped wall decals that you can use to make an easy-breezy feature wall. They won't leave a sticky residue behind, so you don't have to commit to a design until you're happy with the placement.

the decals on a wall behind a table

Get a pack of 76 decals from Amazon Canada for $13.99.

13. A set of waterproof LED solar-powered lights that'll upgrade your outdoor spaces. The ultra-bright lamps will illuminate walkways to help you spot ice and critters before it's too late, and since they're motion sensor-activated, you won't have to remember to turn them on and off.

the lamps lighting up a staircase
the lamps on the wall of a house

Get a pack of four from Amazon Canada for $69.69. Clip the coupon for $20 off.

14. A mug tree so you can proudly display all of your favourite drink receptacles right next to your coffee machine. It'll keep the mug you always reach for in the mornings handy and you can switch 'em out seasonally for a hint of festive decor in your kitchen.

a few mugs hanging on the mug tree
Urban Outfitters

It'll hold up to six mugs.

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $47 (originally $64). Available in two colours.

15. A velvet slip cover because a new couch is not in the current budget and you want to give your worn (but still comfy) sofa a second life. It has an elastic lining that'll keep it from slipping and popping off whenever someone sits or lays on it.

a before and after photo showing the sofa with the slip cover on it

It's just as easy to remove and throw into the wash for a quick clean.

Get it from Amazon Canada for $63.49+. Available in 12 colours. Also available for smaller couches and chairs

16. A shoe organizer that'll help you clear away all of the footwear clutter by your front door. It'll fit up to 16 pairs and it's stackable, meaning you won't have to sacrifice extra floor space if you have a large shoe collection.

the shoe organizers sacked on top of each other in a room
Canadian Tire

They can also be used to organize your kiddo's toys.

Get it from Canadian Tire for $59.99.

17. And finally, a large wall clock that'll become the focal point of whatever room you put it in. The minimalist design won't clash with the aesthetic you've already established, and it has an almost-silent motor, meaning you won't hear the ticks of the second hand rockin' around the clock.

The clock hanging in a kitchen

Get it from Amazon Canada for $52.98+. Available in three colours and in three sizes.

You giving your house a lil' makeover with the speed of a single episode of a home reno show:

a gif of Elle Woods saying "what, like it's hard"

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